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I’m Sandra, a frontend developer based in Berlin with an addiction for fitness and health. When I’m not working on markup snippets or lovely tiny design ideas you’ll find me gathering information about NLP or books worth reading.


This is what I’m doing

My work is marked through an overall careful approach from start to finish and the aim to satisfy the client while working within a team of enthusiastic people. I love to develop beautiful and clean frontends while taking advantage of technologies that have been proven, yet thinking future-oriented. In the course of this I’d like to be involved in the different processes that lead to the agreed on definition of done:

  • conceptional part including functional requirements and user stories
  • wireframing
  • incorporating styleguides respectively their creation
  • implementation of the so determined structure into a solid and reusable markup framework
  • providing an aesthetically pleasing surface via stylesheets

What is most important is the content that should be displayed in response to its displaying medium. Not always the usage of hypermodern frameworks is recommended since performance needs to be put into consideration everytime a further source is integrated. Every new technology and all that is hidden behind specific buzzwords should always be evaluated in context with the required outcome. Not everything is useful for every project, no matter how fancy and modern it may be.

If you think my approach and the skills I have to offer could fit well to your company don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Experience & Knowledge

2017 – now

Conversion Engineer @ Web Arts AG / Konversionskraft


2015 – 2017

Head of Frontend Development @ DeinHandy.de


2007 – 2014

Employed @ freenet digital
(formerly Jesta Digital, Fox Mobile Group, Jamba / Jamster)

Among others I’ve been involved in the development of a component-based content management system by providing specific markup templates and themes for different devices. To make every aspect of the components behaviour and their look and feel visible to product managers and java developers I created a style guide that maps all components and their appearance.

Other projects I worked on included the integration of our products into partner shops by wisely adapting the given requirements concerning corporate colors, fonts, …

To sum things up I built complete designs for apps and their landing pages, implemented corporate sites using wordpress, implemented both static and dynamic webpages, later using responsive technologies.

For a more detailed insight of my work please email me to get my CV.


Internship @ Flatspin Web Solution

During my time in Cape Town I contributed in all phases of Flatspins website development cycle, including conceptualisation, design and presentation as well as communication with the clients. Amongst others I worked with Adobe Photoshop, HTML, Javascript and ASP. Beside the technical insight I got it was a great pleasure to be a part of the lovely Flatspin team.

“Sandra showed excellent initiative in tackling complex new applications, often under extreme time pressure. She also proved to be an excellent team player and impressed constantly with her ideas and problem-solving abilities.”

Richard Boome, CEO at Flatspin Web Solution, 2005

2006 – now

Owner of sensational arts / was-andres

Loving the idea to go along with a project from its beginning to the point where the client is happy I started my humble subsidiary occupation with the main focus on building or redesigning websites for small businesses. My work here includes consulting & conception, wireframing, prototyping, graphic design and sometimes print.

It is always as interesting as inspiring for me to meet a new client and gather relevant first information about what he wants while having a nice cup of coffee or tea. Some last examples of projects I have been working on where the following:



Internship @ mobile solutions group

It was that time at the dynamic and agile team of the Mobile Solutions Group when my decision to approch a career in technology and media was consolidated. Working in the heart of Berlin I had the chance to create a design fot the companys corporate intranet as well as programming parts of it using HTML, CSS, Jacascript and ASP.

    • CSS :: CSS 2.1, CSS3, etc., Frameworks, Resets, Grids
    • Javascript Basics: jQuery
    • PHP Basics

    • Image Editing Tools (Photoshop, Fireworks, etc.)
    • Webstandards, UX / Usability, Website Speed / Performance

    • Responsive Web Design
    • Mobile Web Development, Mobile Web Performance
    • Accessibility / WAI-ARIA
    • Cross-Browser / Cross-Platform Development
    • Developer/Debugging Tools (Chrome Dev Tools, Firebug, etc)
    • Progressive Enhancement / Graceful Degradation / Hardboild Webdesign, Modernizr

  • Web Font Embedding
  • Bootstrap
  • WordPress




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